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Rae Ann Hall
Personal & Professional
Coach and Speaker

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Interpersonal Skills Workshop

Interpersonal skills are crucial for success. The Color Code Workshop goes beyond traditional training, providing a profound understanding of individual and team dynamics. By investing in this workshop, businesses empower their teams to communicate more effectively, enhance collaboration, and boost overall performance. A harmonious work environment, built on the principles of the Color Code, not only improves teamwork but also cultivates a culture  of understanding and appreciation. 


Rae Ann Hall came to our office to do the color code workshop with my team. Rae Ann was energetic and connected with my team right away. She kept my team engaged and made the workshop interactive. She used great examples that we could relate to, talked about her own colors and how she has used Color Code in her own relationships to have better understanding and communication. We enjoyed having Rae Ann visit us and can’t wait to see how we can use what we learned from her class. Thank you Rae Ann!!!


Rhonda Snyder
VP Financial Sales Manager II
First Citizens Bank

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